CDC Board

Approved Proposition

Voters approved the following proposition:

"The adoption of a Sales and Use Tax within the City of The Colony, Texas, at the rate of one-half of one% to be used, after the holding of at least one public hearing, for land, buildings, equipment, facilities, and improvements required or suitable for use for sports, athletic, entertainment, tourist, convention, and public park purposes and events, including but not limited to Community Centers, Libraries, and Hike and Bike Trails, and the promotion or development of new or expanded business enterprises, as authorized by Section 4B of Article 5190.6 Vernon ‘s Texas Civil Statutes, as amended (The Development Corporation Act of 1979); and maintenance and operating costs associated with any of the above projects that are publicly owned and operated."

Board Overview

The CDC Board is comprised of 7 volunteers who are appointed by the City Council to serve staggered 2 year terms. The Board has a president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. The Community Services Director, Pam Nelson oversees the operations of the Board and City Council member Richard Boyer serves as the liaison between the Board and City Council. The CDC Board also provides input to the City regarding Parks and Recreation issues.


Coming Soon - Park Improvements Sign

Regular Meetings

  • 6:30 p.m.
  • 2nd Thursday of every month
  • City Hall
    6800 Main Street
    The Colony, TX 75056

Community Development Corporation (CDC) Board meetings are held in the City Council Chambers and are open to the public. The meeting agenda is posted on the bulletin board at City Hall 72 hours prior to the meeting in addition to being posted on this website and the city website.

2019 Dates

Dates are subject to change.

January 10th
July 11th
February 14th
August 15th
March 6th - Meeting will be in the Recreation Center
September 12th
April 11th
October 10th
May 9th
November 14th
June 13th - There will be a work session with City Council to discuss current and upcoming projects

December 12th

Public Hearings

The Board is required to conduct a Public Hearing before spending money on proposed projects. A notice will published in The Dallas Morning News which is the official newspaper of the City for legal notices.