Arbor Day

Annual Event & School Involvement

The City began celebrating Arbor Day in 2008. The Parks and Recreation Department hosts the event with a fifth grade class from one of the elementary schools. The students participate in various tree related activities and a representative from the Texas Forest Service also attends the event. 

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The Arbor Day Foundation has information that can help assist with deciding the location, size, form and other characteristics of importance. Visit the link to the Arbor Day Foundation, The Right Tree in the Right Place.

Tree Care Recommendations & Tips

The Recommended Trees list (PDF) highlights trees that are suited for The Colony and the typical Blackland Prairie soils that are found in the southeastern part of Denton County. In addition to this list, a list of trees that are not recommended (PDF) is included with notes on characteristics that could be of concern.

Tree Shopping & Tree Names

When shopping for trees, be aware that the common name of a tree can vary. Make sure to have the botanical name to ensure you get the correct tree.