Current Projects

Splash Park - Construction in Progress

Kids Colony

Splash Park - 

Construction is in progress.  This will include ground sprays, shade canopies to cover the deck of the splash park, expansion of the pavilion, an enclosure for the mechanical room, and a restroom.   

Stewart Creek Park

Restroom at the Beach

A restroom close to the beach area is currently in the design phase.


West Shore Park

A new park will be built on West Shore Dr.  The park will include play areas for kids age 2-5 years and 5-12 years, a pavilion with picnic tables, a berm play area, benches, bike rack, and a small parking lot.  This park is funded in part by a grant from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.  

Landscaping, Beautification & Image Enhancements

An on-going annual effort to improve our public spaces (parks, city facilities, roadways, etc.) by adding tree plantings, landscaping, irrigation and public art.

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